Our Mission

LJR’s mission is to be an intelligent, trusted partner delivering research and consulting of the highest quality to inform the strategic litigation decisions facing trial lawyers and corporate counsel. Our goal is to use proven and reliable social science tools for the successful resolution of challenging cases.

Our Philosophy

Excellence is our habit.

Our jury research standards are among the highest in the nation, time-tested and refined to assure you of data and results you can trust. On cases large or small, you can expect excellence in our ability to learn the complexity of your case and the decisions you face, to recommend and deliver meaningful and cost-effective research, and to offer sage counsel every step of the way.

Our work is custom-designed for you.

LJR is different from other trial consulting firms. We are not a research mill with pre-packaged products or questionnaire items. Our work on your case is unique and custom-designed based on a deep understanding of case issues and your needs, while bringing to bear our vast experience on other cases. We bring fresh eyes to your case - whether it is our first or twenty-first with similar claims.

Jurors are competent to do their job.

We have interviewed thousands of real and mock jurors about their trial experiences and their reactions to all types of litigation matters. One thing is abundantly clear: jurors take their job seriously and want to do their job well. However, all too often, jurors report that trials are not communicated in a way they can understand. Jurors expect the lawyers and witnesses to teach them as well as argue. Our philosophy is based on the principle that trial lawyers and witnesses are obligated to teach and to communicate effectively if jurors are to do their best work in deciding your case.

Your consultant is a hands-on, accessible member of your trial team.

You will have a personal relationship with and direct access to your jury consultant, whether you require feedback about a key motion, a witness Q&A, jury instructions, or even an invoice. The most successful engagements are those in which the Leggett Jury Research team is considered part of your team. We have been in the trenches with our clients and are not afraid to roll up our sleeves to assist you in any way possible.

Visual communication tools are essential to deliver your message at trial.

The best teachers know that some students learn visually and that visual aids improve students’ retention of material. Trial lawyers and witnesses should deliver their message through concise and thematic testimony or argument, punctuated with effective visuals. Our philosophy is based on the belief that demonstratives and exhibits are important tools to assure your message is being received and remembered.

Our People

LJR’s trial consultants have a deep experience base forged on challenging cases across the country. Supported by exceptional staff who handle case management, data and statistical analysis, media and demographic research, logistical coordination, and administration, our teams are assembled to efficiently deliver research and consulting that meets the demands of the most discerning clients.

Ellen L. Leggett, Ed.D.   Founder and President 

Dr. Ellen Leggett is a seasoned trial consultant with over twenty years of experience working with civil trial lawyers. She was trained at Litigation Sciences, Inc., and served as Director of the West Coast Trial Consulting practice until 1996. She is now Founder and President of Leggett Jury Research, LLC. Dr. Leggett is nationally known for her expertise in assisting trial lawyers and witnesses in complex, high-stakes cases. She personally designs, conducts and interprets case-specific empirical research on juror decision-making, and specializes in strategic and educationally sound approaches to case presentation for optimal juror comprehension. Dr. Leggett’s philosophy is based on the belief that jurors are competent to hear complex litigation if courtroom communication acknowledges their learning needs. Her consulting, therefore, emphasizes the importance of effective opening statements, use of visual and memory aids at trial, and concise expert testimony.

Dr. Leggett’s clients have included Fortune 500 companies, multinational corporations, foreign corporations, and organizations from most major industries, including: accounting, aerospace, automobile, banking, computers, construction, entertainment, financial, food, health care, hospitality, import/export, insurance, law, media, petroleum, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications, real estate, retail, higher education and government agencies. She has assisted clients in all major areas of litigation including: Alien Torts Act, antitrust, contracts, defamation, environmental, employment, intellectual property, lender liability, product liability, securities fraud, theft of trade secrets, and professional negligence (accounting, legal). Trial lawyers with whom she has partnered have come from the nation’s largest and most respected law firms.

She has published and spoken widely on jury psychology and has been interviewed on ABC, NBC, CBS and CNN national newscasts. Her articles have appeared in Antitrust Report, Computer Lawyer, International Legal Strategy, Product Liability Law and Claims, California Litigation, Medical Malpractice Law and Strategy, and Corporate Legal Times. She was on the inaugural Editorial Board of Antitrust Report.

Prior to entering the field of trial consulting, Dr. Leggett established a significant career in education as a university professor, researcher, and administrator at Cornell University, Scripps College and the University of California, Riverside. Her academic published works are in the areas of motivation, personality, and the differences between lay and expert reasoning.

Dr. Leggett earned her Masters and Doctoral degrees in psychology and education at Harvard University and her Bachelors degree magna cum laude in psychology at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. She is a member of the American Psychological Association and the American Society of Trial Consultants.

Stephanie D. Vollowitz, MBA   Senior Consultant

Stephanie Vollowitz is a Senior Trial Consultant with over fifteen years of experience working with civil and criminal trial lawyers.  She first worked with Dr. Leggett at Litigation Sciences, Inc., and later worked at both FTI and JRI.  Stephanie has successfully collaborated with Dr. Leggett on numerous national, high profile cases and has particular expertise in pharmaceutical, environmental, and accounting cases.  Stephanie designs research questionnaires to assess jurors’ pre-existing attitudes and experiences as well as probe their perceptions of case issues.  She brings her analytic skills to the task of interpreting data driven results for strategic consideration.  Stephanie believes jurors unfailingly find the “crux of the matter” in any case, and that they are capable of understanding complex cases if provided concise, effective arguments and visual aids.  Her brisk and incisive moderating skills have made her a favorite of mock jurors and won critical acclaim from clients as well.

Stephanie earned her MBA in marketing and management at The Pennsylvania State University and her BA in psychology at the University of California at Berkeley. Stephanie’s background in corporate marketing provides unique insights on the challenge of persuading jurors to see the corporate point of view at trial.

Susan B. Broome, Ph.D.   Senior Consultant

Dr. Susan Broome has been working with civil trial lawyers for almost twenty years. She was trained at Litigation Sciences, Inc. and was one of two consultants to open its Boston office. Her Boston location serves as an anchor for LJR’s East Coast cases. Dr. Broome’s academic background in psychology, research methodology and statistical analysis enables her to interpret case-specific empirical research on juror decision-making to provide insight into how jurors will use their common sense and morality to make decisions in a case. She holds a BA from Columbia University, an MA from Tufts University and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Clark University.

Dr. Broome appeared on Arthur Miller’s In Context for a session devoted to jury selection and is currently writing a book on voir dire. She is a member of the American Society for Trial Consultants.

Brian D. Mitchell, Esq.   Graphics and Multimedia Consultant,                                         Verdict Visuals

Brian Mitchell is a graphics and multimedia consultant for trial attorneys and corporate clients across the United States. His expertise is advising clients on the most persuasive ways to visually communicate complex subject matter to jurors and other triers-of-fact. He has written and spoken extensively on the use of visual aides in complicated business trials.

Over the past twenty years, Brian has partnered with Dr. Leggett on numerous complex high profile cases resulting in successful jury verdicts. His experience covers most major industries, including accounting, aerospace, automobile, banking, computers, construction, health care, high-tech, manufacturing, insurance, media, petroleum, pharmaceutical, real estate, and retail. He has assisted clients in all major areas of litigation including antitrust, contracts, defamation, employment, environmental, intellectual property, lender liability, product liability, securities, and tortious interference.

Brian previously served as the West Coast Regional Director for Litigation Sciences, Inc. and as Executive Producer of its National Media Services Group. He has also held senior-level positions in the entertainment and business fields. Brian is a graduate of Loyola University and is a member of the State Bar of California.