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How much time in advance should we contact you to plan jury research?

More lead time is better, of course, especially to assure our calendar availability. For very complex trials, a year before trial may not be soon enough. If your trial is a month away, we need a minimum of two weeks to orchestrate a jury research project. Our team requires this time to learn your case by reviewing case documents, to solidify a research location, to recruit mock jurors, and to develop a comprehensive, issue specific research questionnaire. Although two weeks is the minimum, we are committed to working within your time frame and if our calendar is open, we will do our best to help you with a tight turn around.

What are the first steps to start a research project?

The first step is a phone conversation with a jury consultant during which a general discussion of the case takes place. We then run a conflict check to ensure we are available to work on behalf of your client. Once your case is cleared, we request copies of case documents. At the same time, discussion regarding your research needs prompts the final design and budgeting of your project. We will guide you throughout the research process to be sure the research will be a valuable and useful exercise.

What assurances do you have for confidentiality?

We are committed to keeping your case information confidential. All mock jurors who participate in the research project sign a confidentiality agreement before hearing the first detail about your case. The employees of the research location selected sign a secrecy agreement as well.

Is it more effective to have live or videotaped case presentations at a mock trial?

Depending upon your case and scheduling needs, the answer to this question may vary. Live presentations are preferred if you are considering research within a few months of your anticipated trial date. However, some designs are better carried out with presentations captured on videotape. This question is best answered in consultation about your specific preferences and needs.

Following a mock trial, what is the turnaround time for a report and results? What should I expect?

We typically require about two weeks to thoroughly analyze your project results and develop thoughtful recommendations to your trial team. We are happy to provide preliminary findings via telephone conference if desired. We deliver to you a written report and ideally schedule a working meeting with you to discuss implementation issues. This schedule can certainly be accelerated if your timetable merits more timely feedback.

Can we hire you to assist only in jury selection?

In most cases, we assist with jury selection only if we have conducted a jury research project that enables us to gain insight into how jurors will react to your case.

Have you worked on criminal cases?

Our practice specializes in complex corporate litigation. When we have worked on criminal cases, they typically have been white-collar crime cases or cases that are bundled with other civil cases about the same underlying issues.

What types of witnesses have you prepared for trial?

We have assisted in witness preparation of both fact and expert witnesses testifying about a wide range of issues. We have worked with engineers, scientific researchers, professors from many disciplines, CEO's, Presidents and other corporate executives, accountants and financial officers, elected officials, entertainment executives, rank & file employees, and high profile celebrities, among others.