The LJR Difference

Our clients tell us we are different from other trial consulting firms because of the depth of our case experience and case understanding, our ability to design thorough and useful research, and our adept partnering with the trial team to apply research findings to trial preparation. How do we accomplish this?

We learn your case and the opposition’s case
  • what you tell us
  • what we learn in the documents
  • what we anticipate based on our experience
  • We are an in-depth and intelligent first read from the jury perspective
We learn the jury’s mind
  • through excellent jury research
  • what they care about and what they don’t
  • what they need to know and what they don’t
  • where they are confused in the arguments or the evidence
  • where they disbelieve
  • where they have blind spots, barriers and distractions
  • We understand jury logic
We find ways to powerfully communicate your case to the jury
  • answer their questions
  • anticipate their needs
  • clarify confusions
  • connect to their experiences
  • tighten the message
  • delete the distractions
  • We use jury logic
We help you bridge the gap between jury research and courtroom practice
  • we understand trial teams
  • we join you in your conference rooms, war rooms and courtrooms
  • we get to know your witnesses and their testimony
  • we review and edit your demonstratives
  • we are involved in the debate over jury instructions and the verdict form
  • we help you craft and practice your opening statement
  • we design jury questionnaires and voir dire questions
  • we review jury pools and advise you on strikes
  • we monitor publicity about your case
  • we roll up our sleeves for anything you need at any hour during trial
  • We never stop thinking strategically about what the jury needs in order to understand and believe your case and to find in your favor