At any stage in the litigation process, we partner with you to understand how your case is being understood by your audience and to achieve the most effective and persuasive communication possible.

Jury Research

Research exercises are custom-designed laboratories where you test out your trial strategies and themes before trial, mediation, settlement conference, or ADR proceeding to learn how lay jurors or even judges will reason about your case.

Strategy Refinement Mock Trial

Two to eight juries of mock jurors are recruited to analyze a case. They hear plaintiff and defense case summaries and then deliberate. Witnesses may also be tested. An extensive issue-oriented questionnaire is custom-designed to probe jurors’ evaluations of the case. Statistical analysis is performed. Judges may be added for additional insights.

Issue-Specific Focus Group

Small groups of mock jurors are recruited from the trial venue and are led in a structured discussion with a jury consultant about selected case issues. Typical uses are to assess an expert’s direct examination effectiveness. No statistical analysis is performed.

Community Attitude Telephone Survey

Several hundred jury-eligible individuals are contacted through random telephone number sampling. Trained interviewers conduct a custom-designed interview to assess community attitudes, reactions to case publicity, or general views of a particular type of litigation. Statistical analysis of responses is conducted.

Multi-Day Trial Simulation

Multiple groups of mock jurors are recruited to analyze a case presented in a simulated trial format. Plaintiff and defense opening statements, witness direct and cross-examination and closing arguments are presented before juries deliberate. An extensive, case-specific questionnaire is completed by jurors throughout the process. Data are subjected to qualitative and statistical analysis.

In-Court Shadow Juries

Individuals from the trial venue are recruited to provide feedback during a trial in progress. Jurors are interviewed by a consultant about their observations, and comments and recommendations are delivered to the trial team each evening.

Witness Preparation

Leggett Jury Research routinely collects and analyzes data on jurors’ expectations about witnesses from venues across the United States. We have learned that jurors expect both fact and expert witnesses to deliver testimony that is clear and understandable. More importantly, jurors believe it is the attorney’s responsibility to prepare the witness, and thus the attorney is held responsible when a witness is not clear. Also, surprisingly, witnesses must overcome the jury’s pre-existing bias that they are not telling the truth. Effective witness preparation, especially of experts and corporate executives, has become one of our hallmarks.

Witness Evaluation and Preparation

We have worked with both fact and expert witnesses testifying about a wide range of issues. Witnesses include engineers, scientific researchers, professors from many disciplines, CEOs, Presidents and other corporate executives, accountants and financial officers, elected officials, entertainment executives, rank & file employees, and high profile celebrities.

We join sessions with counsel to prepare witnesses for trial testimony, evaluating testimony and demeanor from the jury’s point of view, and teaching the witness techniques to gain both control and confidence. Special attention is given to senior executives and expert witnesses to assure complex testimony can be understood by laypersons. The goals of credibility, clarity and concise communication are pursued for all witnesses through practicing Q & A. Demonstratives are recommended where appropriate to assist the comprehension of direct examination testimony.

Deposition Preparation

We join sessions with counsel to prepare witnesses for depositions, evaluating testimony for credibility, clarity, and concise communication within the context of the deposition setting. Special attention to body language and demeanor is given to witnesses who face depositions that will be taped, since these depositions could be played for a jury at any time in the future.

Trial Preparation

We are experts at helping you bring the lessons from jury research to the courtroom.

Jury Selection

Our assistance with jury selection may cover designing and negotiating a juror questionnaire, planning voir dire, evaluating the jury pool, attending court with you, and counseling you regarding strikes. We usually do not assist in jury selection if we have not conducted statistically reliable jury research on your case.

Opening Statement Rehearsal

We believe that dress rehearsals of openings are essential to assure that your themes are effectively communicated, that you are fluid with use of visuals, and that your opening is clear and concise for jurors.

Courtroom Observation

We assist trial teams by spending time in the courtroom during trial. We provide feedback on the effectiveness of witnesses and monitor the implementation of trial strategy based on prior jury research.

Post-Trial Interviews

Once a verdict has been rendered, there are important lessons to be learned from the actual jurors. Our specialized interviewing techniques assure that you will obtain honest and thorough feedback from the jurors about their reactions to key evidence, exhibits, witnesses, and counsel.

Trial Graphics

Trial Graphics and Multimedia Presentation

Often, a solution to a communication problem is solved through strategic demonstratives. It is our practice to work closely with graphics consultants to assure that research guides the development of trial demonstratives for your case in the most effective way, and that any demonstratives you already have are tested in jury research. If you need help designing strategic demonstratives in any media (print, animation, or video) we can help. We also believe in the power of courtroom multimedia for today’s jurors, and can provide courtroom technology assistance to assure that you are presenting a visually compelling case in an efficient and organized manner.